Are You Shooting Yourself in the Foot?

April 20, 2013 at 3:57 am (Newbies) ()

Arriving on a new MUSH is a little like arriving in a new small town. First impressions matter, and word gets around.

This means that the quality and extent of the RP that you receive on your new MUSH could be decided in the first 3 seconds of interaction that you have with the game.

It may not be fair, but it’s truth. Here are a couple of ways I’ve seen new people shoot themselves in the foot and give themselves a bad reputation before they even fire off their first pose.

  • “I know it all.” If you jump onto a MUSH and start telling the admin what a terrible job they’re doing then you’re already pissing them off. It’s human nature. They’re not happy that you’re trying to help them. They’re annoyed that you think you know enough about the game and its culture to question their decisions before you’ve even made your character.
  • “I can’t be bothered to read this stuff.” The admin put those news files, help files, and bbposts up there for a reason. You are entering a text-based medium. Be courteous and do your homework before you pester the staff.
  • “Aww, I can’t play _____.” There’s usually a very good reason why certain character types are restricted or disallowed. By moaning about what you can’t play instead of getting excited about what you can play you’re branding yourself as a whiner and a troublemaker.
  • “I’m super funny!” Listen, when we get to know you, we’ll understand your humor. Until then, be careful about leading in with the snark. You might just come across as an asshole.
  • “I’m going to turn down every one of your suggestions now.” You ask for help. Then you start telling admin and players why their suggestions are no good. Our annoyance factor grows.
  • Arguing with admin and players about your interpretation of the theme. It implies that even though we’ve put in countless hours creating and adminning this MUSH we don’t know what the Hell we’re talking about.

Your best bet is to be polite. Look for ways to get integrated with the playerbase. Try to get a sense of “the way we do things.” Every place has its own culture and you’re not going to get anywhere by walking in and attempting to change it on your first day. You’re just going to ensure that you’re ostracized and not asked for RP while people quietly hope that you go away as quickly as possible.

Every MUSH loves new players, but only if their presence increases the general level of fun for the game at large. If you make a bad impression, you’re telling everyone you’re going to be a problem, instead…which means less RP for you.


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