Why Your Game’s Wiki Matters

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I am a big fan of Wikis for MUSHes.  I am a fan of Wikis over all other available formats.  Static web pages and Livejournal communities ar the other popular formats, but neither of them offer what I consider to be the primary advantages of the Wiki.

  • A Wiki demonstrates that this a thriving community that has a lot going on.  It does this even if people aren’t posting a lot of logs.  I actually don’t believe many people read logs when they are shopping for a MU*.  It’s an in medias res introduction to a bunch of people you don’t know yet doing things you don’t care about yet.  But a character page with a picture, some cool information about the character, and a bunch of relationships tells people that RP is happening.  Relationships are being built.  The community–the game community as a whole–is actively involved in making this MUSH a better place.
  • All of the information is indexed and easy to find.  Livejournal, for example, can give you that active community feeling too–but finding anything is a beast and the format isn’t that attractive.  A static web page can of course be attractive, but it lacks the irreplacable element of community involvement.

What Should Be On Your Wiki?

I like pictures, rule guides and newsfiles, and easy reference guides to factions ad cultures (particularly for MUSH’s with very in-depth, involved themes).  I also like maps, timelines, events, logs, and links to other helpful pages.  Most of all I like Wikis that help me understand exactly how I’m going to get to fit into the roleplay on that particular game, which should be your goal if you are in charge of designing the Wiki for your RPG.

Wikis also rank pretty well in Google because they get updated a lot and tend to have a good keyword mix.  Sure,people are browsing around on the MUD Connector, but even a hobbyist site like a MUSH needs to think about SEO these days.  Some people are just typing: “Theme MUSH” to get where they need to go.  (I know, because I keep typing Dragon Age MUSH and Codex Alera MUSH in the hopes of finding one).  If you go and type “Dresden MUSH” or “Dresden Files MUSH” into Google, my MUSH, Soulfire, comes up at position #3.   I don’t credit that to our mad SEO skills.  I credit that to having a Wiki that is getting uploaded constantly.  I also think the Wiki is the primary reason why we get a lot of people who aren’t super-familiar with the theme.  The urban fantasy setting is part of it–if nothing else we all know how to play city dwellers in the 2000s–but I think the amount of information we’ve made available is also a factor.


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